Seksi BIKINI Emma Santos

Emma Santos Biography :
Full Name: EMMA Santos
Nick Name: EMMA
Place / Date of Birth: MEDAN, 11 OCTOBER 1983
Hobbies: Singing, Traveling
Career Sinetron: FTV 'good friend', 'METROPOLIS', Look MODEL HUNT 2002
Height / Weight: 168 cm / 50 kg
"Pebble sharp" Emma Santos

"A face is indeed very beautiful and breathtaking arrogance when depicted in a frame. Expensive impression aristocrats are able to make the hearts of stone into sand grains become fine. Yield. Indeed he has the power of words charm. Series of sentences glide membuncahkan never boredom when establishing a conversation. "

Smooth long legs walked into the room. A private room with the shades mediterianian at J Lounge. Though her feet are beautiful no noise, but this lady's presence makes him a radar man.