Payudara Dewi Astri

Dewi Astri - Skin Caring use crystals

Artists are often featured in FTV (Television movie) was never had a problem with the skin of the face. Different ways to smooth the back face she tried, but failed. Finally the choice fell on the method of dermabrasion with crystals.

Mechanical skin abrasion action is aimed at removing skin to die, in order to get more new skin growth. "I've tried a variety of therapies, from starting treatment at a beauty parlor with a medical doctor to the way the skin. I happen to have black patches on the face and want to clean.'ve Tried a few places, but the result is less satisfactory. Finally, I fit in place Ngongoh, an expert beauty, "explained the player at the Divine Mercy is a religious drama.

Dewi, call familiar, does not know exactly what materials were used in therapy. However, she believed it was safe and effective therapy. After several months of trying, she was satisfied and never found it strange.

"A lot of why the artist and wife of officials who have subscribed to that place. They seem to match the alias is no problem. I myself became more dissatisfied because the skin fresh and clean, black patches on the skin is also lost," she said. foto seksi

Dewi Astri