Model HOT Febyolla

“Febyolla” Three Love, Three Lovers, The Three Months.

One, two and three count of romance that's ever gone through and only lasted for three months. Although the establishment is a priority, but he refused to connect with possessive man who would hinder her career. That's why she would rather enjoy a relationship without commitment with close friends, 'but intimate friend'. Then why did he want to make love all day?
Febyolla, man Steady & Leisure

The main priority for Febyolla in determining the choice of partner is established. This beautiful-haired woman did not refuse if the material is everything. And she's not hypocritical that the matter is the capital to the next level. It is clear that the man of her dreams must have been established.

"The relationship just for fun, why? Then with an established, is it fun to do, "he said sounded wise.

"Does this mean you will be ready for serious relationship when a man has found a steady as you want?"
Yes, I'd love's serious, but not the means must hurry to get married. Associated with an established right through it better, "he said sounded confident.

Hearing her words revealed that a highly selective in determining Feby spouse. He is also very realistic in thinking, because life should be rational and must be careful in determining a choice.