Model Hot Angelia Wiberia " Sexy in Bikini "

Angelia Wiberia "controversially Sexy"

"Angela Wiberia " no need to abundant wealth and looks cool if you want to approach Popular model that you view this. But that does not mean she's so easy to conquer. Curious?
Shining brightly assertive impression when first greeted Popular model this time. Yes, Angel, as she is familiarly called, not only has a sexy husky voice but also a pleasant demeanor that makes shooting and interviews lasted an atmosphere full of laughter.

Photocall for this year's swimsuit edition, Angel Wiberia admitted had fallen on the coral beach and wounding several parts of his body. But, it's all done with ease. "I enjoy it, because it adds to the experience for me," she said.

Sexy bikini photos like the Angel on the current Popular magazine, she admitted not something new. Section is part of the paradigm will comfort dress. "Every day I like to dress sexy and versatile mini. But not for showing off something pretty, I like sexy because it is simple."

Angel Wiberia