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Emma Warokka "Destroyed The blossoming & Love"

Nosed women sexy sitcom actress 'Love from high school Gita' is like a romantic man. Indigenous man really thinks romantic, but the noose culture often become an obstacle. Although willing to do the poses sensual, he never refused a role offered nude. 'But if offered a nude in the Hollywood film, I think about it, maybe even want, "she said. What are her about men, wealth, sex, marriage and career to the next?
Eyes & Lips Sexy Sexy

Session conducted at the beginning of shooting his penthouse consisting of two rooms, all with a living room with a set of home theater, karaoke and a large dining table. Spacious bedroom is located in front of 42-inch flat tv. Also have a sauna and a unique snail-shaped showers, and Jacuzzi with a background scene and the highway Tomang Orchid Garden Mall. The scene can be seen clearly from transparent glass in the room. Looking at the make-up Emma watched the crowded street scene with a vehicle toll.

Emma Warokka