Foto Ranjang Deriell Jacqueline

Last year the figure had Deriell Jacqueline appear in a horror film titled The Wall. This year she's back again, still with the horror genre, through the Tiren film with dangdut singer Dewi Persik and Aldi Taher. Wow, really seemed to goto the horror continues to ?

Deriell Jacqueline "Maybe I am the face of horror," the girl said that this model also elaborates the profession while joking. Under the direction of director Emil G Hampp, Deriell role as WIL (other ideal woman), who seized Ranti boyfriend (played by Dewi Persik) in this film. When Ranti dead, her soul even disrupt Deriell constantly.

Deriell Jacqueline role in this film seems more challenging than her debut film, which jumped into the hot with the opponent and Renee The Aldi Taher. "I have jumped into sexually arousing. That's the long tables of the process, but in that short-cut up, "chirped the girl was bleeding Manado.

Factor Deriell Jacqueline difficulties faced is to get her emotions. "Because I have kissing with a man I have not yet met. There should be an intimate scene, it's ordinary guns. "

As a solution, the virgin who had appeared in Playboy Indonesia magazine was doing a long discussion with the opponent. "Because I want guns repeatedly kissing it, so we must prepare well," she said again.

Currently working Deriell still busy with shooting, but for the future he hopes to be acting in a film drama. "I want to play in the drama to get to hone acting. If the film's drama, acting more can be explored.

Deriell Jacqueline