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Enno start carries himself well during the song "Si Nyamuk naughty", while the new age 9 years. Enno directly into idol children. Moreover, with a sweet smile, who participated in support vokalnya slick. Enno has recorded 8 albums. The Mosquitoes are a naughty, Dakocan, It's All Here, Dudidam, Oioio, 3 albums and songs Muslim Peace, Take Lebaran, and the last study on mengaji. Not only singing, enno also become a trusted enno Ceria of events on the screen SCTV and had a role in sinetron Debu Jalanan.

Various awards are achieve, such as options Audience Favorite Singer VAN (Video Anak Anteve) 1997, Panasonic Open Bearer Event Award in 1997, and Best Singer of Anugerah Music Indonesia (AMI) in 1997.

Go after the man, his name began to sink. Enno appear several times in the world of entertainment of the country although not as a singer. Enno dubber never vote for Serene in animated film "Homeland" and portray characters in Wulan sinetron "Star Arrange House."

Name enno began to talk again when the materials themselves have been known to get pregnant while married. Unfortunately merried with Muhammad Nayaka Untara not survive long, they were officially divorced 3 Jannuari 2006. And they have a son, Pradipa Men Untara Earth, which is the reason they were married at a young age.
Enno Lerian