BIKINI HOT Model Bella Luna

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Shy impression when you first met soon faded really know her more deeply. Tried independently in a relatively young age, making his personality more mature than her age. Many of the stories flowed from the lips of sexy, ranging from a possessive ex-boyfriend to fierce French kiss a la Bella Luna.

String of words came out of her tiny lips as if to a magnet for the opposite sex. Sex appeal girl is really obvious. Gleaming eyes of so fused with his body proportions. Meanwhile, the scent of her favorite perfume Estee Lauder as a sense of smell so fragrant greet those around them.

Obsessive Boy
Become every man's ideal woman was not always fun. Especially when a relationship is interrupted halfway. "On average they then become very possessive. Edges excessive jealousy. If it is so sure it's just angry and eventually we broke up, "said Bella Luna as she sighed. It did not get there, the former was later to be obsessive. "If it were so, she admitted himself so troublesome .."

Apart from an obsessive ex, Bella Luna confessed her love to enjoy life. "Everything I brought with fun. Who do not want to stress because of a boyfriend. There are still many fish in the ocean, "she added as she laughed heartily.

Bella Luna