Belahan payudara Dewi Cinta

She will not be tired of chasing you in any way to your knees to him. But if it is boring, once you can directly cast. "
Chic looks and her body curves adequately represent a goddess of love. Five year vacuum of the entertainment universe, Dewi Cinta to make a breakthrough. Women blesteran Indonesian-Dutch-Arab suddenly emerged as a singer after a while to pursue acting. Born in Solo, August 15, 1984 is also ready to bear the consequences if it is called capital singer looks and body. Recently nickname gossip artist approached him. Starting from its legal case with renowned designers, the news took my husband who was also a sportsman, to love the location with the model of the video clip titled singles champion Main Heart.

Long gone, back again become a singer. What's the story?
I'm trying a new luck. After five years behind the vacuum I try again and who knows I have better luck in the world of singing. Because I'm moody person and I never focus on one area, such as in soap operas so results are less than the maximum. To sing I want to total.

Why then decided to vacuum?
Really tired. Since my last soap opera most of the game as Jake Tingkir and the Beast Crocodile. HOT