Alya Pasha Popular magazine

The Popular Magazine curvy model choice this time has some uniqueness that can get you hooked so easily. Is Alya created with so complete?
This young angel named Alya Pasha. Everyday he would rather be called Alya. Starring a bunch of soap operas has, like Olivia, Is this Love, Dubidu, Stories High School, Jasmine For Marvel. In addition, there are also some like FTV, Mona Jadi Lisa, Aurora The Superstar, Kukejar Cinta Monyetku, Patromak Mother, and Promnight.

Beautiful but unpredictable. Precisely this is intriguing.

The day was held at Moya Tapas & Wine Bar, Alya moves follow the directions the stylist. Camera shutter continues to capture every movement. She was pretty quiet, but emits a high sex appeal. Needless to tease, with just one look, a smile, and sweet dimples could make a man aghast.

Different shirt colors alternately covering her body, all the more affirming charm. Paras an oval face, small hips, breasts are wonderful, and her skin is brown. There was no denying, Alya Pasha extend the list of exotic women Indische mooi POPULAR typical this year.

Alya Pasha