Dewi Persik Hot Topless Photos Circulating on the Internet

PHOTO sexy singer Dewi Persik circulating in cyberspace. In hot photos circulating on the internet, it appears the former wife of Saipul Jamiil was not wearing clothes. Depe, usually called, looks just covering her breasts with her long hair loose.
Confirmed, movie stars See May, Do not Hold It recognizes that women have the photo is her "That's my photo emang, was just for fun aja. I actually do not know get to spread like that, "he said when contacted by reporters Depe, yesterday.

Goddard can not remember exactly when the photo was taken. Owner rocking the saw was only remembered when the photo was taken while in the make-up room in the office of the Republic of Ahmad Dhani Cinta Management.Depe also admitted he does like sexy pictures. "It was emang again make a video clip in the office of RCM, was before-before I like photos like that," added the actress who is at odds with Julia Perez's.

Still like it, Goddard was not interested to publish the photographs sexy. He also apologize if there are parties who take offense with the photo. "It's the picture for me personally, if it has spread, I'm sorry for the beholder," said a woman from Jember, East Java.
Goddard did not want to mess around with topless photos that have become public consumption. He is also not intended to report the perpetrator to a police photo spread.

"In the meantime, my first Biarin aja deh. Because much remains to be my pikirin. If I had to ngurusin the pictures, then how affairs (work) the other, "said the widow Aldi Taher.
This is not the first time photos of sexy Dewi Persik circulating in cyberspace. Photos with various styles and other poses that are not less sexy also been downloaded and spread in cyberspace