Foto Seksi DJ Fennia Nova Risa





"Fennia Nova Risa"
Eight Tattoos and Sexy

What is lacking for this sensual DJ? Start romantic to hardcore sexy had he lived. "I want on the boat while drinking champagne .."
Starting from the pleasure in the music world, led Fennia Nova Risa wrestle which is familiarly called Icha professional disc jockey (DJ). Profession promising though not apart from the negative stigma. If you usually Icha action behind turntables, she is now willing to act in a magazine sensual adult male for the first time. Plus the beauty of tattoos scattered all over the body of a woman was born 4 November 1986. No less exciting story outspoken woman with a height of 168 / 50 kg is about his sexual adventures.

Early interest in nge-DJ?
I always really liked music, happy atmosphere and happy-happy club. Her work is also not monotonous.

How long?
Two years, it is also self-taught, never formal learning.

Regular play what genre?
More to the electro, progressive, and soul. But it can not hold the R & B.

Preparation before the show?
Compilation of songs, costumes, and phone-teleponin for watching friend. Let more and more crowded.

Usually wear a costume like what?
Sporty sexy times yes. Kayak gini hot pants, because do not want hilangin tomboyish side of me. His clothes were also sought in order to open his tattoo looks, He he he ..

Early decided to tattoo?
Curious how it feels like, but after a long time so nagih.

In total there are how many tattoos?
Eight tattoo. Starting from the feet, hands, ears, back, and in the body.

Response from parents?
Initially hide-hide, but eventually caught, too, but because of cool and nice so dibolehin.

Tattoos are the most special?
Tattoos on the body, drawing classic pistol. Actually there is not any meaning, just cool.