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Wiwid Gunawan

Wiwid Gunawan

Wiwid Gunawan

Wiwid Gunawan

Either because they have no resistance to urinate or as a way to escape the reporters, opponents playing Ricky in the movie contract marriage, Wiwid Gunawan, do it, when accidentally met on the set FTV bunk beds, Monday (4 / 2), the number Jati Bening Bekasi.

First met on the 2nd floor of a house used as a shooting location Indosiar production. At that time, the interview with Julia Rossie. Wiwid Gunawan suddenly appeared.

Looking at other sources arise, journalists on-line is intended to capture such a beautiful girl, even if you can chat. But the intention has not been accomplished, inasmuch as quickly Wiwid reasoned going to the toilet to urinate.

"Mas Sorry, I already can not stand going to the rear. Soon, yes," she said hurriedly.

But Wiwid then never appear again. Turns out he was in the room with other players waiting for take-shooting. Try to understand this incident. But events on the grounds that the same happened again when filming break on the 1st floor.

At that time Wiwid Gunawan sitting relaxed in the backyard while smoking. After asking permission to photograph again, the virgin with a tantalizing breasts are allowed.

Some pose sit successfully obtained. But when asked about standing poses, Wiwid Gunawan again said that he wanted to go to the bathroom.

"Sorry, yes, I've been dying for," said third wife Restu Sinaga, in this bunk beds FTV carrying bag.

Well, lest this new trick emerging artists in order to avoid mosquito press, or indeed they are. If it turns out so, maybe the title 'Miss dying for' match pinned on Wiwid Gunawan.