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Rachel Cindy Varadilla

Rachel Cindy Varadilla

Rachel Cindy Varadilla

Rachel Cindy Varadilla

Rachel Cindy Varadilla

Rachel C. Varadilla, Morning Call & flirt

Able to give all he wants, what Rachel C. Varadilla needs is sufficient criteria coveted man. Sufficient in terms of the following material affection of the man. Physical matter umpteenth number, even so Rachel Varadilla confessed ill-feel with a man muscled and boned fat.

"Tell me what kind of man you dreamed of?"

"Not physically the search! Anyway, I wrote that to be sufficient, "she said in a brief but contain meaning.

"Adequate in terms of what, ya? Matter? "

"Everything ha .. ha .. ha .. ha ... So if you want something he can be inadequate, it can be obtained and enough for me, "she laughed crunchy and loose.

"Also in terms of material? Perhaps more to the affections? "

"Loyalty. Therefore satisfaction mentally and physically, "she said steadily, and this time it sounds serious.

"Have you ever been hurt before?"

"Yes, there was trauma, because there used to be someone who lied to me," she explained quietly.

"How many times have you experienced this?"

"Just once, after that I'm always wary of the man," she said.

"Trauma is so painful, so apparently still made an impression in your heart?"

"Nah really, it's just how it feels, difficult to explain with words," he was silent for long.

Rachel Varadilla was silent, apparently Rachel Varadilla reluctant to express more about her past this. She turned the conversation about the romantic man who coveted of the adam. Hujani itself with romance and all the attention. For him it means a lot even though he knew the romantic synonymous with rags. But he himself admitted happy doing the same thing that is like flirt well.