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Raline Rahmat Shah

Raline Rahmat Shah

Raline Rahmat Shah

Raline Rahmat Shah

Raline Rahmat Shah

Raline Rahmat Shah, Weight But Healthy

High metabolism makes Raline Shah wanted to gain weight, so do not look very skinny

For those of you who frequently watch television certainly no stranger to figure Raline Shah. Raline Shah that acts as a girl who are looking for sellers pulses in mobile phone service ad shop version looks very slim.

Only, Miss Indonesia in 2008 was admitted Favorites still want to add weight. Dara was born March 4, 1985 has its own reasons to add his weight.

She said, "My body's metabolism is high. Add again, my skinny genes from the maternal lineage. And if not increased, the weight can come down until my body will look very thin. So must be smart to monitor weight gain. "

Many way in which the owner's full name Raline Rahmat Shah was to put on weight. Not carelessly, because Raline Shah want to grow in a healthy weight.

Starting from the diet, it includes all kinds of food eater. Only, Raline Shah not like greasy food and very fond of vegetables. In one day, she could spend four servings of vegetables.

Speaking of serving, Raline Shah also claimed that the meal portions are five times a day. "Every 4-5 hours I would eat. If you do not eat, my weight could go down, "added the brand ambassador of this Mustika Ratu.

There is another way in which the owner of 172 cm tall and weighing 50 kg is to raise the weight, namely sports. According Raline Shah, exercise is very powerful to raise and maintain her weight. The reason, exercise can turn fat into muscle.

"Even if I wanted to gain weight, does not mean by fat. Muscles better and healthier than fat. So, I want to raise the weight by adding muscle mass, not fat, "said the girl who speaks fluent French.

No wonder almost all sports have acted Raline Shah. Including football and martial arts! Do not be surprised, when the high school, Raline Shah ever national football team representing Malaysia. And since childhood she has been studying martial arts karate.