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Cinta Laura

Cinta Laura Never Felt on Top

At a relatively young age, Cinta Laura, including the row over the list of artists and performers in Indonesia. But women who claimed to have left the world of soap operas that had never claimed to be on top, she lived as a normal thing after working hard.

"Make me mediocre, I'm happy to be successful and have lots of fans, but even if successful would have been able to make us better, and I did not feel there is on the top, not at all," said Cinta Laura when met at the show relaunch TPI to MNC TV in Central Park, West Jakarta, Wednesday (20/10).

"I feel a lot of which I am still learning and I just have not over at all is still a lot that I do to get on top," he said adding.

For those who lived career Cinta Laura is now a fun hobby, and to his obsession to reach a career peak, she will go through as the water flows, as it is lived. In fact, there are no specific plans for his career in the entertainment world.