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Pursue the ideals of the model rather than the beginning. Because shy and hard to get along, she himself entered on the course and the personality model. High posture menghantarkannya become real model. He also no longer shy. Look sexy is not something taboo. While not questioning the cosmetic surgery, he has not intention of doing. Not because his heart had been moored at a DJ, if a party when he found the arena clubbing. Opinion about sex before marriage deserve to be listened to.
Sensitive Skin and Beautiful Breasts

On the sidelines of the makeup 'mempermak' Aline's face, took place in familiar conversation. There was no impression that stiff in the chat. Including when the chat a bit naughty about women and beauty it has.

"As a physical model of excellence to be reliable. Special for you, with a height of 177 cm would be ideal for the profession. Is it true? "

A smile from her lips swell. A sigh of laughter also accompanies the smile. Sweet. The smile is enough to represent the answer seems to agree.

Aline Tumbuan Hot

Aline Tumbuan Hot

Aline Tumbuan Hot

Operations Section and Beauty Show

Women with all its pros and cons still a concern of men. Especially when its beauty not only exterior but also from within. A beautiful blend of many men pursued.

However, not infrequently, many of which rely on external beauty alone. It was beauty that has been framed pseudo-technological progress. People call it cosmetic surgery. Although the fine people do it, everything was meaningless if not balanced with beauty from within

Of course this is also a concern of a Aline. Professional models of course it bears give birth to a claim where beauty is one of the factors supporting her career.

Aline Tumbuan Hot

Aline Tumbuan Hot

Aline Tumbuan Hot

"What do you think cosmetic surgery?"

"A lot of yes people, including artists who claimed not to perform cosmetic surgical procedures. Yet when compared with their previous pictures it much different. They feel ashamed to admit. But that's their right too. If I did not do it. "

"Is it because you're a model? Where at a particular age by itself also had to withdraw from the field. Different than the soap opera singers and artists? "

"There was no relationship at that. I refer, for example abroad, it's perfectly normal. Sometimes before they become artists or models, they do it. To be more perfect. Beauty contests abroad do not think there is genuine. "


"Yeah. I never watch E-Channel, in India itself before their faces made it into the final all-out by each agency. Formed up in such a way, this and that dibenarin. With very different here. In fact almost the majority of Indonesian people and the very rare original faces made. "

"You own what extent?"