Foto KD dan Raul Ciuman Bibir - Video Krisdayanti dan Raul Lemos Ciuman Mesra

Videos Photos Kd (Krisdayanti) and Raul Lemos kiss. This strange story is very much discussed by the community. Circulation of images and video scenes or intimate close Krisdayanti kd by Raul Ramos addressed the rich businessman to make the community in droves looking for information about it.

The question now is not it, "whether the video is genuine?", But "what is the purpose of these intimate scenes?". A friend said that the kiss scene was when the press conference, dear, if that's true then they are deliberately exposing romance, whereas currently the entrepreneur named Raul Lemos it's still got a wife?. Since I do not want to gossip, please your own opinion about the video and photos below.