Alexsandra Wright Photo - Dates Beyonce Father

Are you know Alexsandra Wright? yeah thats girl the 28-year-old pop royalty Beyonce has a brand new baby brother named Nixon, if you trust Alexsandra Wright. A woman, by the name of Alexsandra Wright, has filed a paternity claim against the father of the savior of this year’s VMA awards. Manager and parent of Beyonce and Solange, Mathew Knowles. You can check Alexsandra Wright Photo here.

Wright gave birth to the new baby last Thursday (February 4,2010) and she claims that she dated the alleged baby daddy Knowles for 18 months. A source told TMZ that they even picked out the name together that almost doesn’t make any sense, but kind of does. A rap/R&B star named Nixon could go over well if you marketed it right. We’ll see what the pop market’s like in 16-18 years.

TMZ have done some digging and found a picture of Alexsandra Wright, the woman alleging to be the mother-to-be of Mathew Knowles baby. Wright, though based in LA, is not an actress. Alexsandra Wright Scrubs is known to some people as she did a small role in scrubs ones, which aired in 2001.