Indonesian students in Japan Objected to The Plan of Miyabi Arrival to Indonesia

Polemic of Miyabi presence was not only getting a response from the community in Indonesia, but also people abroad. Indonesian students in Japan also respond to the planned arrival of Japanese hot movie star was to Indonesia.

Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ad Interim, M Noah, admitted that he had received a letter objected to the plan of Miyabi arrival to Indonesia from Indonesian students in Japan.

This problem''(Miyabi case, red) was not only conveyed by the Indonesian community in the country, but also from abroad, including the association of Indonesian students in Japan,'' said M Noah in his office, Wednesday (14/10).

Miyabi, a complete actress named Maria Ozawa, in his native land was his profession as a movie star and a model for porn movies. Maxima Pictures intend to use these actresses for the national film production titled 'Kidnapping Miyabi'. But the plan was later canceled after a harsh response from most people.