Nives Celzijus

Nives Celzijus Drpić (born December 18, 1981) is Croatian singer, model, socialite and writer. Nives was born in Zagreb, as Nives Željković.

Authoress and columnist for German Bild magazine and Croatian weekly Arena Wrote the Naked Truth that had become an instant bestseller in Croatia and thus had become the best selling Croatian authoress. She was about to win the prestigious literary award Cyclops for her Hit Novel of the Year, which had been abolished immediately prior to its presentation due to the revolt of the literary elites which did not want Nives to continue in the line of recipients among who most recently were Ante Tomic, Dan Brown, Paul Cuelho and Slavenka Drakulic the abolishment of the award led to the biggest literary scandal so far, which was condemned by the media and numerous literary writers, including many associations such as B.A.B.E and the Croatian Helsinki Committee as well as by the top political echelons. Her new book under the title “In Bed with C.R.” will be coming out soon. Nives is also working on her musical career. She has released two CD’s: Modern Woman and Furious. At the moment she is finishing her third album and is also preparing to release a Single-track album aimed for the European market. After her arrival in Germany the magazine/daily paper BILD had proclaimed her Miss Bundeslige, i.e., the most beautiful wife of a soccer player and very soon she became the darling of the German tabloids. A cover photo ensued for the German FHM that was later issued in three other countries. The readers of the German and Croatian FHM had voted her into 15th place on the List of the Sexiest Women in the World in 2009, and the Slovenian FHM had placed her in 8th place. Among other things Nives has tried out working in Television as an anchor, actress, fashion model, etc… Everything that she did attracted great media attention and the interest of the public. And the best is yet to come…